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The history of driving under the influence (DUI) cases include many unusual and extreme cases. Even ordinary cases may have humourous moments as you can see in the many videos on the web. Here is our favourite – funny, but not truevideo

Jonathan Lapidís case list includes several unusual situations that are true. His most remarkable clients include:

  • His oldest client - a 79 year-old woman who went ice fishing & drinking and ultimately drove her car into a ditch.
  • His highest reading – a man who blew 535 mgs% only had red eyes and an odour of alcohol on his breath and NO other visible signs of impairment.  He should have been comatose at the very least. Probably a record for the Province of Ontario. However, 600mgs% was recorded in a case in Norway

  • Most charges in one week - a client accused of 3 charges in one week. Jonathan succeeded in all three and the client is now Jonathanís #1 satisfied client, referring him cases all over Ontario.
  • Most unusual scheduling conflict - an NHL hockey old-timer who was to attend closing ceremonies at Maple Leaf Gardens, but could not because he was facing 90 days in jail. Jonathan succeeded in getting him just a fine.
  • Several high profile people - Canadian Olympic athlete, high finance corporate lawyer, stock broker, medical doctor, CEO
  • Oldest couple - both husband and wife charged with Impaired Driving on the same night in the same incident. Both were driving the car at some point and both had an accident with the same car within 20 minutes of each other. He was 78 and she was 74 years old.
  • Most family members charged with Impaired Driving - 3 adult boys in one family.
  • Most convictions for previous Impaired Driving offences - 7 with 2 outstanding Impaired Driving charges yet to be dealt with.
  • And Ö 20 clients who got charged with a second charge for Impaired Driving within a month of their first one.


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