"I have defended clients of all ages from young offenders to senior citizens. Many new Canadians. Often with families that depend on them. Call me to find out how I can help you - 416 222 4324. "

Successfully defending clients in impaired driving cases requires expert knowledge, courtroom savvy and the ability to work well with all the people involved. Here are comments from several of Jonathan Lapidís clients.

“avoid criminal record” suggested that I consider working out a deal to reduce my license suspension, but thank you for also insisting that going to trial was better for me to avoid the criminal record ... I had no doubt that you would get me off the charges...thank you
J. Gallingo, Toronto

“reducing my suspension”
...with my high readings, I was sure I was going straight to jail. I can't thank you enough. Not only did you keep me out of jail, but reducing my suspension to only 3 months was a bonus I didn't expect.
M. Degitani, Newmarket

“loophole on the roadside machine”
...thanks for finding that loophole on the roadside machine. I am staying out of trouble. Hope not to see you soon if you know what I mean.
J. Seville, Orangeville

“toxicologist worked wonders”
I am amazed at how you convinced the Crown to give me a Careless (charge) instead of the Over 80. Your strategy of hiring the toxicologist worked wonders...I'm sure you will see more clients from Muskoka...
B. MacDonald, Bracebridge

“mountains out of molehills”
Mr Lapid, you were incredibly brilliant. You were honest with me. You told me I had no case. Yet you still found a way to win by making mountains out of molehills. Great job.
R. Pickett, Oshawa

“no jail”
This lawyer is the real deal. I had two other drinking and driving convictions and he got me no jail. I've used other lawyers before, but he's the best by a longshot.
A. I., Scarborough

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