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  • Successfully Defended Hundreds of Clients
  • Criminal Lawyers Rely on Him for DUI Advice
  • Jonathan Himself Has 25 Years of Experience

Jonathan Lapid, DUI Lawyer - North York, Ontario

Got your first DUI charge in North York after a night of partying? Are you worried about what is going to happen next? Have no fear. Jonathan Lapid, an experienced DUI Lawyer, is here to help you navigate all the legalities of what happens after you get caught driving impaired or under the influence.

It’s so easy to say you won’t drink and drive. But it’s not easy when you think that you can handle the consequences alone. Once you get your first DUI, it will take a hit on your criminal history, finances, and your employment.

But that is not all that is affected. You can lose your driver’s license, get a massive increase in your insurance premiums, and you will have trouble visiting some countries if you have a DUI record. If you get Jonathan Lapid on your side, he will help you navigate the laws against drunk or high driving. You don’t have to go through the charges alone.

You know that with every mistake, there are going to be consequences. If you drink or do drugs and you step into a car, a boat, or any vehicle, those choices can be life-changing forever. And it’s not just you that all of this would impact, but your family, and in more severe cases, the victim’s family as well.

North York DUI - What Should I Do Next After My DUI?

The law surrounding DUI charges is quite complex and there are many different factors involved in it. No matter what, even if you are drunk or intoxicated, you shouldn’t plead guilty in your case. If you do plead guilty publicly, then you’ll have a lot of limitations in what can be done.

The only way to avoid that is to hire an experienced DUI lawyer for defense of your interests. A good DUI lawyer knows all the pitfalls that may arise in the case and would help to avoid mistakes that would cost you dearly.

Explaining Types of DUI Charges

Types of DUI charges
  • Impaired Driving – being inebriated by drugs (legal or illegal) while operating a vehicle
  • Having 80+ mgs of alcohol in 100 millilitres of blood while behind the wheel
  • Refusal to provide a breath sample
  • Impaired care or control

Exhibiting traditional indicia (i.e. indicators) of impairment are at the centre of strictly impaired driving prosecutions.

The most prevalent indicators are:

1. the smell of alcohol

2. slurred speech

3. poor balance

4. bad driving

These are confusing cases because of the abundance of impaired driving definitions in the criminal code.

These are confusing cases because of the abundance of impaired driving definitions in the criminal code.
The wide range of these types of DUI charges means that each individual case has many facets. Under no circumstances should you publicly plead guilty. In this way, you do not limit your options. You have the right to remain silent and ask for legalaid. The less you speak publicly before your impaired driving lawyer arrives, the better. Find a DUI lawyer, if you don’t have one – you would need his aid to defend.

Section 253 (1)(b) of the Criminal Code dictates that you’re prohibited to drive with over 80mgs in 100mls of blood, by law. There must be two separate breath samples taken, at least 15 minutes apart at the police stations. The lower of the two must show an alcohol concentration over 80mgs.

The Crown struggles to prove Over 80 charges, making it essential to hire an attorney if you’re facing such a charge.

In order for the Crown to successfully convict you for ‘refusing or failing to comply with a breath demand’, they have to prove a driver’s said refusal/failure was ‘final and equivocal’.
A couple of common examples of this infraction are simply saying ‘no’ or pretending to blow in the contraption. The court might be able to prove without a doubt that you did this, but even then, you have options such as ‘having a reasonable excuse’. These options have led to many successful defences in the past.

Read About Our Many Successful DUI Cases

I have been practicing criminal law for over 25 years and I pride myself on my successful cases. My goal for any client is to ensure that they have a positive outcome and that they are represented to the best of my abilities.

DUI case was something that I could never expect. I thought that I'm done, I panicked a lot and failed my breath sample. Despite these problems Jonathan saved me from deprivation of the driving license!
Shelley Robertson
03:22 15 Nov 22
Jonathan is confident in his actions and this confidence is contagious! It was a pleasure to work with him, I'm glad that I made the right choice.
Sara Hughes
15:59 12 Nov 22
Jonathan became more than a DUI lawyer to me. He is extremely professional and literally saved my life.
Brandi Guerrero
05:07 28 Oct 22
If you were looking for an experienced DUI Lawyer — Jonathan Lapid is your choice. He was honest with me and never gave promises he can't fulfill.
Scott Knopp
04:09 24 Aug 22
We were hanging out with my friends and I suddenly got an emergency call from my work. And, yeah, I got myself into DUI case. I really regret this, I thought that it's time to say goodbye my driving liscence. But Jonathan is an amazing guy! He is a great attorney and my case ended well!read more
Jimmie Bowman
06:13 23 Aug 22
Jonathan Lapid really got me saved! He is an extremely polite man, very professional. He represented me in my DUI case like I was his best friend and not just a customer. Hope u never got in the situation I was. But if this happens I recommend calling more
Roman Boyd
06:54 21 Aug 22
The best DUI lawyer! Thank you!
Tony Ty
18:19 08 Aug 22
I will never regret hiring Jonathan and his team as my attorney to help with my case, He got me the best deal possible and also was very in top of everything. I can't thank him enough.
Robyn Mason
07:44 17 Jun 22
I had such a great experience working with Jonathan Lapid. He is professional and courteous. Always on time! Any question I had would always be answered quickly. I wouldn’t work with anyone else. Highly recommended.
Darell Ault
08:09 16 Jun 22
Jonathan is the best! Extremely professional and has your best interest at heart. He dealt with my case as if I was his own daughter! I was extremely stressed out and mark put my mind at ease and took care of everything. I'm extremely grateful that I found him. If you need an amazing DUI lawyer he is your guy!read more
Joey Reed
07:22 15 Jun 22
Jonathan Lapid represented my brother and I must say this man is one of the best. He answers my questions when I have concerns and he actually answers the phone. He is a great Attoney he know his work, he goes above and beyond. Thank you!
Nancy Smith
05:10 14 Jun 22
I am beyond grateful for Jonathan and his expertise. He answered all my questions and I truly felt that he cared about my case. I have already urged a few of my friends to contact him! He sincerely saved my life and I am thankful for his guidance.
Alphonso Hancock
15:58 22 Mar 21
Contacting Jonathan Lapid for my recent and unfortunate DUI was the best decision i've ever made. He saved my life, my career, and my troubles with substance use. He is incredibly knowledgeable in what he does and exceeds all your expectations. Thank you Jonathan for everything!read more
Ciara O'neal
11:02 12 Mar 21
I recently got into a DUI situation and did not want my situation getting worse than it already was. Luckily a good friend recommended Jonathan Lapid and I knew I was in good hands. He immediately assisted me and settled a plan on my next steps. He is the definition of a true professional and somebody that I know I can trust no matter the circumstance. I highly recommend him for any of your legal more
Francisco McClung
09:13 12 Mar 21
Jonathan Lapid is one of the most professional lawyers I have come across. He is honest, patient, and will always go above and beyond with your case. He truly takes the time analyze every aspect of the situation and leaves you feeling as stress-free as possible. He is definitely the lawyer you want representing you!read more
Nicole Treadwell
08:05 06 Mar 21
The best DUI lawyer in Toronto! 5 stars!
Elias Basu
19:52 10 Jan 21
so professional and good person
songonku Bich
20:17 16 Sep 20
I contacted Jonathan Lapid because of an unlawful DUI charge. The police officer that pulled me over didn’t even do a breathalyzer or sobriety test. Jonathan got the charges dropped.This guy is really good at what he does.
Leanne Stead
09:13 06 Jun 20
Jonathan Lapid spoke to me straight up in realistic this is what I’m up against terms. He didn’t sugarcoat a single aspect of my situation. I appreciated his sincere honesty. I knew that I was being listen to and actually heard. He’s highly competent and reliable. He is honestly one of the most thorough and meticulous lawyers I’ve ever met. He went through my file and we had a good talk about how this was going to be handled and how we should proceed. He is an excellent lawyer and I would recommend him to anyone. He is absolutely so worth the money. He is definitely the man you want to represent you!read more
William Mercado
00:54 09 Dec 19
I was going through a hard time due to personal circumstances. I had too much to drink and yes I got pulled over. I had so many thoughts going through my mind. I was worried about the outcome. Would I have to plead guilty? Would I lose my license and driving privileges? Thankfully through Jonathan Lapid’s many years of experience, he reassured me that everything would be fine. I was so relieved that I didn’t lose my license or even worse, get a criminal record. I knew the seriousness of the situation I was in. I’m so glad that I found Jonathan Lapid to represent more
Brian Madigan
13:05 21 Nov 19
Before finding Mr. Lapid I consulted 4 other lawyers who said I don't stand a chance of getting cleared. Fortunately, thanks to Mr. Lapid, I was not charged and avoided losing my job, future job prospects and my security clearance. No one, including myself, believed I would end up paying only a more
Ashley Edwards
02:14 17 Sep 19
Jonathan Lapid has been the most helpful, responsible, and caring legal representation that you can have for a DUI. He handled himself very professionally in the courtroom and negotiated a very successful deal for me. Although my charges didn’t get dropped, I only paid a small fine in comparison to the large consequences that I was facing. Thank you for your help more
Thomas Arn
01:24 03 Aug 19
Having Jonathan Lapid as my legal representation was a pleasure and he made me feel confident and calm about my case throughout the entire experience. Yes, I was facing heavy consequences but after Jonathan presented his plan with me and after consulting me on my case, I was confident in Jonathan’s ability. Trusting him was the correct decision since he had the charges dropped and I got to keep my license and not pay any fees!read more
Wolfe James
10:15 31 Jul 19
I came here to say that I really appreciate the hard work and dedication that Jonathan Lapid puts into his work. I was charged with a DUI at a late time in the night. After calling my friend, he told me to immediately call Jonathan and gave me his number. Even though it was an inconvenient time, Jonathan picked up the phone and was ready to take me on and represent me as his client. My levels of anxiety lowered and I am lucky that my friend recommended Jonathan. He had my charges dropped and my license was not suspended!read more
daniel jeglortz
02:57 23 Jul 19
Jonathan Lapid is the best DUI lawyer for any situation. Being charged with a DUI, I was expecting to have my license suspended and to be in a situation I never imagined myself in. This was the opposite, I met with Jonathan and his calm demeanour made me feel that I had made the correct decision when choosing a DUI lawyer. In court, he was very well presented and confident in his information and argument. He had the penalties decreased and I was left paying a small fine. Comparing to the consequences I was facing, Jonathan saved my life! Thank you so much!read more
William A
12:27 22 Jul 19
I am here to thank Jonathan Lapid for his thorough work on my DUI case. After being charged, I looked for a lawyer online that I can call and I found Jonathan Lapid. After asking my friends, they also recommended Jonathan Lapid saying that some have used his services or that they have heard many positives about him. For me, Jonathan had my DUI charge dismissed and I will be forever grateful. Thank you!read more
Frank Plummer
00:58 19 Jul 19
I am always very careful and cautious about drinking with my friends when I know I have to drive home. Unfortunately, a few months ago, I chose to just have a small amount of drinks. I was very responsible and knew my limits. I was feeling well and chose to drive home. It was then that the police pulled me over and had me take a breathalyzer test. I was being charged with a DUI and I was very scared since this is my first encounter with the law. I called one of my trusted friends and they referred me to Jonathan Lapid. He set up a time to meet with me and prepare a plan for how he would help me in my legal troubles. After working the case, Jonathan had the charges dropped based on a constitutional error made by the prosecution. Thank you for your help Jonathan!read more
Harry Vong
16:51 15 Jul 19
I’ve come to say many thanks to Jonathan Lapid for his outstanding work with my case. It calmed me down to know that I had Jonathan working on my case. His manner when talking to me made me feel confident and protected in my case. He is very knowledgeable on fighting off DUI and I am so glad that I trusted him with my case. I’ll recommend your services to everyone!read more
Bruce Parrish
15:25 05 Jun 19
I had a truly remarkable experience having hired Jonathan Lapid. He was very attentive details and very professional in court and outside. He was always very honest and transparent with his objectives and plans. Although this was not he was not the cheapest lawyer, his price is more than reasonable considering the outstanding work that he did for my case. I highly recommend Jonathan Lapid!read more
Gerald Heck
07:05 02 Jun 19
When I was charged with over 80mg, I contacted Jonathan Lapid through a friend that recommended him. I wanted to share my experience. After being charged, I called Jonathan and he quickly picked up. He explained to my that he will meet with me and determine a plan for how to get the best possible outcome for me. He was very responsible when it came to meeting with me as he clearly had prior knowledge on how to handle such cases. When it came to court, he was very clear and confident with the judge and the crown. When I found out that my charges were decreased to only a fine, I was shocked and thankful. I would have been facing a criminal record if not for him! Thank you!read more
James Floyd
16:00 31 May 19
Using Jonathan Lapid as my legal counsel was the best decision I have made. I made a mistake and I was driving while slightly under the influence of alcohol. I didn’t think about the negative consequences that it can have on me. I never thought I’d get caught but I did. I found Jonathan Lapid through the internet and I decided to just try out a consultation on my case. After reviewing my case, he made a plan for how he would help with my situation and get the charges dropped. When we came to court, he was so confident and I felt that I can trust him with my case. My case was dropped and I only had to pay a small fine. I am so fortunate that I landed on Jonathan Lapid, he is definitely the best in the DUI business!read more
Angelo Ross
01:13 30 May 19
When I was charged with impaired driving, I was terrified because of the consequences that I faced. As a business owner, I need my license to operate my business and go to the offices of my clients. Jonathan Lapid was able to prove my good and honest character to the judge and asked for leniency due to my situation. Luckily, I was able to keep my license after paying a fine and my business was able to continue to operate. Thank you Jonathan Lapid for all of your hard work and determination to get a positive result in my case!read more
Justin Richardson
22:56 29 May 19
Thank you to Jonathan Lapid for your help in my son’s case! A few months ago when marijuana was legalized, my son made the mistake of driving under the influence of drugs. When I got the call, I was shocked and worried to death. I didn’t know who would handle this situation and how my son would be able to get out of his mistake. Thankfully, I found Jonathan Lapid who was able to help us with the case. Jonathan found a way that my son’s case can be dropped and it worked. Thank you so much for all the help!read more
Maurice Pike
07:00 28 May 19
The professionalism, care, and assistance that Jonathan Lapid demonstrated is the reason why he is the best DUI lawyer in Toronto. I contacted lawyers before Jonathan and they all told me that there is no hope with my case. It all changed with Jonathan. We sat down to have a meeting and he outlined his clear plan of what to do with my case. He explained to me all of the possible outcomes that may arise from each situation. He was very patient with my case and didn’t rush to get me to plead guilty or settled. At the end, my charges were dropped. Yes, his fee is not the cheapest but he gets the job done and for that, I am very grateful. Thank you for Jonathan Lapid for your help in my more
Steven Stevenson
08:41 26 May 19
I wanted to thank Jonathan Lapid for his hard work on my case! Unfortunately, I was at a friend’s house where I had a few drinks and still chose to drive home. When I was caught by the police I was terrified since I was charged with a DUI. I called my friend and she immediately recommended Jonathan Lapid. After getting his opinion on my case, I felt much better about my case. He was very professional, caring, and understanding of my situation. He was very patient while answering all of my questions about the procedures since I had never been in such a situation before. He made sure that I don’t lose my license and only suffer a small fine, in comparison to what I was facing. Thank you so much for your help!read more
Karl Hooper
05:58 26 May 19
I was driving from downtown and I didn’t feel drunk, however I was stopped by the police and I did blow over 80. The next week I worried about everything, how can I save my license? My friend told me about Jonathan and I instantly called him. To be quite honest I was hesitant at first, however after seeing him in action my confidence was restored. He is a fantastic lawyer and I highly recommend him to anyone!read more
Julio Henson
15:24 05 Apr 19
Jonathan simply saved me and my career. Do not get me wrong, I understand that DUI is a serious offence and you can easily impact others well-being by neglecting "don't drink and drive rule" but my job requires me to drink on the meetings to sign the client. That's how I make my living. I was charged with over 80 and Jonathan made it possible for me not to lose my licence. Yes, it was not the cheapest offer on the market, but I'd rather trust my case to the professional with 25+ years of experience then will fight for a couple of hundreds in savings. Strongly more
Isaiah Dubois
16:45 27 Mar 19
As a working professional Jonathan was great for my case and was very diligent in communicating the facts of my case. He was very helpful and very timely. His intimate knowledge of the judicial system made me feel very comfortable. In the end everything worked out and I am very glad to refer him to my friends and loved ones. Jonathan was great from A to more
Thomas Baptist
17:22 25 Mar 19
Awesome. I reached out via email and he got back to me within an hour. I told him my problem and he gave me awesome advice and direction. My issue didn't require a lawyer but if I ever have a problem this will be my go to guy! Thanks for your time and patienceread more
Sarah Tynan
03:49 15 Mar 19
Jonathan is a completely competent and reliable attorney. He is a professional with an amazing sense of humour. He guided me through my case and always reassured me that everything were taken care of. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to win!
Noah Hunter
07:01 21 Jan 19
He was very patient and was very thorough answering all of my questions. He didn't beat around the bush and kept things blunt and honest. Jonathan beat my charges, and I would honestly recommend him if you are looking for a fair priced, confident DUI lawyer in Torontoread more
Ryan Boyd
03:14 19 Jan 19
Jonathan beat all my DWI charges, I was able to retain my license and not have a criminal record. He is worth every penny and the results that he promised he did achieve. Jonathan is definitely the best DUI lawyer in Canada.
James Callen
15:39 17 Jan 19
I went through 5 different lawyers before making my decision on who was going to defend me, the last one I spoke with was Jonathan, he made me feel safe and re-assured me. He took his time and actually looked at my case before taking it. That was completely unique and something I didn't see from the other lawyers I met with, Jonathan was the right choice because he had the judge dismiss my DUI Charges. Jonathan, I cant thank you enough. If anyone wants a great lawyer who will do anything for you to win. Call Jonathan!read more
Louis Schwartz
07:14 13 Jan 19
He took the time to sit and discuss every possible outcome of my DUI case as well as he told exactly what is going to happen in the court. The defense was amazing, Jonathan’s confidence and professionalism saved my driver’s licence and kept my criminal record clean. I will recommend your service to others. I don't have words to say thank you Jonathan Lapid!read more
Lewis Jordan
15:47 26 Dec 18
When I got myself into big trouble, the first thing that came to my head was where am I going to get the money for a lawyer? My prayers were answered when I met Jonathan. He set up an amazing payment plan that was affordable to my budget.
Ryan Smith
09:04 13 Dec 18
A few months ago the odds of me keeping my licence and being able to keep my job were slim to none. Impaired Driving and Over 80 was the trouble I got myself into. Jon Lapid worked his magic in that courtroom as if it was his second home. He made the judge listen and presented my case in a way I could never dream of. I have Jon to thank for being able to keep by more
Diana Perez
06:37 12 Dec 18
As a Firefighter who drove the truck each day, I would lose my job with a criminal record and a driving suspension. For me to just get a Highway Traffic Act conviction instead of an Over 80 conviction was a miracle. Jonathan Lapid had the Crown and Judge eating from his hands. Thanks, Jonathan, you are the best in the more
Paul Pulver
14:00 11 Dec 18
When my 19 year old son was charged with Over 80, I wasn't sure we could win so it might not be worth the money to fight it. But in the end, you were aggressive and strong. You impressed the judge and we won!
Frank Richards
07:17 06 Dec 18

Do You Have Questions Regarding a DUI or DWI? Have no idea whether you should hire a DUI lawyer in North York?

What Are The Consequences Of A DUI?

Intoxication leads to a loss of concentration and attention on the roads. That means a high possibility of a car accident with all its consequences. In a good scenario intoxication means a driving ban.

Being charged with a DUI is a serious offence, and if it’s your second or third offence, then the charges will be even more strict and severe than the first one. Here are some consequences of a public DUI:

  • You’ll have a criminal record
  • You could lose your job if the story becomes public
  • You’ll lose your driver’s license
  • You’ll be facing jail time
  • Fines
  • Probation
  • Your insurance premiums will rise
  • You’ll have a difficult time with immigration
  • Your future career paths could be affected if the story becomes public
  • You won’t be able to travel to specific countries, such as the United States
  • Your conviction could be reported publicly
  • Public scandal

In any matter involving intoxication and drunk driving, seek and contact a law firm immediately. No matter what, you will want to do everything you can to weasel out of charges from DUI.

DUI is a Criminal Offence

There is No Time to Waste if You Are Charged With a DUI

One mistake isn’t worth a lifetime of headaches. But your first DUI can really impact your criminal record, take a toll on your finances, and really hinder your employment.

The first step you can take is to get an experienced attorney to guide you through your legal case during the trial. Remember that with all of the consequences associated with a DUI, pleading guilty publicly is the absolute worst decision you could possibly make. The verdict of the trial could be devastating as you may face criminal charges.

Get an Honest Opinion About Your Case

One mistake isn’t worth a lifetime of headaches. But your first DUI can really impact your criminal history, take a toll on your finances, and really hinder your employment.

The Advantages of Speaking with
Jonathan Lapid

  • One of the Highest Success Rates
  • Free Initial Honest Case Assessment
  • Reasonable Fees With No Hidden Costs

  • Successfully Defended Hundreds of Clients
  • Criminal Lawyers Rely on Him for DUI Advice
  • Jonathan Himself Has 25 Years of Experience

Jonathan Lapid - DUI Industry Leader

The law gets a little bit more complicated now that cannabis is legal in Canada, and you can still be charged with impaired driving if the police caught you with weed or the smell of it. Why is that? When you smoke marijuana, it takes a couple of hours for the drug to get out of your system before you even think about driving somewhere. Driving high, no matter if a drug is legal or illegal, is still unacceptable. Police will stop you and they have the right to give you an oral fluids test. This test usually involves blood and/or urine samples. And a cop can even use the old fashion smell test to know that you have been taking cannabis.

Everyone makes mistakes at some point in life, and a DUI is one mistake that you’ll want a professional lawyer to help you through. With Jonathan Lapid, you’re getting a lawyer with over a quarter of a century of experience. One police officer in Brampton was going through a DUI conviction and required a DUI lawyer to help him through it. The police officer contacted Jonathan and Jonathan asked the officer how he got his name. The officer said that he got his name after questioning a couple of his other cop friends who they keep on losing to in court, and Jonathan was the lawyer.

Jonathan has represented many different types of people in many different career paths:

  • Olympic athlete
  • NHL player
  • Police officers
  • Lawyers
  • Doctors
  • Senior executives
  • Pilots
  • Flight attendants
  • Limo drivers
  • Factory workers

No matter who you are or what walk of life you come from, getting a reputable lawyer like Jonathan Lapid is the first step you’ll want to take to get through your DUI case.

Do You Have Questions Regarding a DUI or DWI? Have no idea whether you should hire a DUI lawyer in North York?

Check Out This Insightful FAQ

What’s the difference between a DUI and a DWI? What does the law say?

Under criminal law ‘DUI’ refers to driving under the influence and ‘DWI’ refers to driving while impaired or under intoxication. Both of these terms sometimes get intermingled between each other, but they are different.
Under Ontario law, the blood alcohol content (BAC) is 0.08. If you go over this legal limit, then you’ll be charged with a DUI after you go through the applicable sobriety tests. With a DWI, you could be charged just based on your actions.
You could still be well under the level BAC legal limit and get charged with a DWI. In most cases, the police officer at the scene of the incident will be responsible for the DWI charge.

As a first offender, what will my punishment and/or sentencing look like?

There are a couple of consequences you’ll face if it’s your first being caught while impaired and charged with a DUI or DWI. You’ll be charged a fine of $1,000 if your BAC is over the legal limit; You could be charged $250 for a DWI if your BAC is over the legal limit; You could potentially face a month in jail if your BAC is over the legal limit; Your license will be suspended if your BAC is over the legal limit.
If your DUI didn’t result in any harm to anyone on the road, then there is a chance that the sentencing could result in more lenient terms. You don’t need an expert to know that if your DUI charge did end up causing bodily harm or death, then you could be subject to lengthy prison time.

If I get a DUI, am I facing possible jail time?

Yes, first time offenders are facing the possibility of up to 30 days in jail. For second time offenders, you are facing up to 60 days, and for third time offenders, 120 days. These details are largely related to those who commit offences without harming or injuring anyone.
For offences that include damage or bodily harm to others, your chances for getting off easy are very low, the sentencing is likely to be as high as 10 years in jail or prison. Jail and prison time sentencing is largely up to the discretion of the crown lawyers and the presiding judge. Although the possibility looms, it is not certain that you will be sent to jail or prison.

How long will a DUI remain on my record?

A DUI or DWI charge will remain on a person’s record until a pardon is obtained. A pardon from the Federal government can be obtained five years after the initial charge, or after your jail time sentence is carried out. It’s important to note that many people start the pardon process early.
You will be required to fill out a pardon application, which may take up to a year to compile. Once you’ve compiled this application, ensure that it is perfect and pristine. The best decision would be to check the application with your solicitor or top DUI lawyer. Applying a second time is very difficult to do, and will cost you valuable time and effort.

Do I need to find and hire a North York DUI lawyer if I’ve received a DUI charge?

Some people like to think they can go through a DUI case alone, and that’s when issues start to arise. DUI legislation is a very specific part of the law that not every person is experienced in it.
Not every lawyer specializes in it. No one wants to be attempting to navigate something that will impact their future so severely. It would be like walking through the dark without a flashlight while trying to avoid potholes legally.
Good crown lawyers usually go for the most stringent sentencing as possible, given that a DUI charge is a serious offence. If you think you have some strong evidence that could help with your case, you’ll want to bring that up with an impaired driving lawyer in North York.
With Jonathan Lapid, you’re getting an experienced lawyer that can defend your interests during trial, or publicly if needed, and provide a great range of insight into your case.
His clients are his priority, and with Jonathan Lapid, you’ll have a much higher success rate than going alone or with any other lawyers, for that public matter.

How long will I go without a license if I receive a DUI?

If you are a first time offender, you may have your license suspended for up to 1 year. If you’re a second time offender, your license may be suspended for 1 to 5 years. If you’re a third time offender, you’re looking at a virtually certain lifetime suspension.
In order to get your license back sooner than originally sentenced, you’ll need to partake in various educational courses in regards to driving. You may have to retake your drivers examine (by redoing the graduated G license process), however, the wait times in between each phase will likely be reduced drastically.
Are you facing a license suspension? Have you received a DUI? Hire a good drunk driving lawyer in North York. You don’t know which one? Perhaps Jonathan Lapid can help you out! Jonathan is a top DUI lawyer who’ll defend your interests and fight for your right to drive. Everyone deserves a second chance.
Johnathan would fight for you even if your chances are low. Call Johnathan Lapid, DUI lawyer in North York, today for a free consultation, free of charge!

How many drinks does it take to pass the BAC threshold?

The answer to this question is quite dynamic, for several factors come into play. Firstly, your body mass is incredibly important. Obviously a 250 pound man will need far more alcohol than a 130 pound woman.
Also, the type of drink you are ingesting is incredibly relevant. For example, a glass of wine won’t have the same alcohol level as a beer. Different types of beer contain different amounts of alcohol. Another factor when it comes to passing the threshold is how much you’ve had to eat beforehand. For example, if you’re drinking on an empty stomach, the alcohol will enter your bloodstream at a far faster rate than after having eaten.
If you are drinking on a full stomach the situation would be better. A full stomach is bound to reduce the amount of alcohol absorbed into your bloodstream. As you can tell, the answer to this question is very dynamic, and relies on the factors on display.
The wisest thing to do would be to never get behind the wheel while impaired and leave a criminal stain on your life history. It won’t be easy to protect you during the trial and even the top DUI lawyer can’t work magic and keep you out of jail if a fatal car accident is involved in the case.

What should I not do if I was charged with DUI?

Do not, under any circumstances, make any statements in public or near police officers. Any word you say in public could later serve as grounds for harsher punishment. Do not say that you have been drinking or using drugs. You have the right to wait and say nothing until your DUI lawyer arrives. If you don’t have any, start searching for a North York DUI lawyer or any other top DUI attorney in Ontario.

What are the costs for a North York DUI Lawyer?

If you have been charged with a DUI offence, you are probably wondering about the DUI lawyer costs. As a matter of fact, DUI lawyer costs vary from case to case. Usually, the total cost depends on several factors: the number of trial days, the severity of the case, the amount of disclosure your case requires, and the amount of time the DUI attorney would spend working on your case in addition to the trial.
Remember that it terms if you are about to get a criminal record that could spoil your whole life, the least you should think is money. Hire the best DUI lawyer you can find in North York or across Canada. Be aware that the future implications of a criminal record are significantly higher than the DUI lawyer cost.

How to find a good dui lawyer?

The best option would be to seek services of a top-rated lawyer firm that offers services of top DUI lawyers. The more cases solved – the deeper the team knows all the details of possible outcomes during the trial process.

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