Things To Know About The Ignition Interlock Device Program

Without a doubt, you’ll have heard of the ignition interlock device program if you’re dealing with DUI charges. The laws surrounding an ignition interlock program can be a little difficult to understand if you don’t have a reputable lawyer on your side, so it always helps to get one as soon as you can following your DUI charges. An ignition interlock device program might also be referred to as an alcolock.

What Is An Ignition Interlock Device?

If you’ve been drinking to the point where your alcohol limit breaches the limit of the ignition interlock device, the ignition interlock device will prevent you from being able to start the vehicle. In order to get the car started effectively, you’ll have to breathe into the device to start the vehicle. The breath sample will have to be well under the alcohol limit as specified by the device. If the breath sample fails, you’ll have to wait for a certain period of time before you’re able to give another sample.

In certain situations, drivers will have to do randomized breath tests while they are driving. The ignition interlock device will begin beeping, and that means the driver will have to take a breath sample wherever they are on the road. If the sample detects any alcohol, then the engine of the vehicle will automatically be turned off. Before the vehicle turns off, the device will display a bunch of flashing lights and sounds to alert you to pull over to the side of the road. 

What Is The Cost Of An Ignition Interlock Device?

There are a number of different factors that play a role in how much your ignition interlock device will cost. On average, the cost will be about $2.50 each day. Some factors that will play a part in how much the device will cost are:

  • How long you’ll be required to have the ignition interlock device installed in your vehicle for
  • What location you’re living in
  • If your ignition interlock device has any other features included with it, like GPS, camera, of real-time reporting characteristics

Why Do I Need An Ignition Interlock Device?

If you’ve been driving impaired by drugs or alcohol and have been charged, then you might have to get an ignition interlock device as part of the terms following your DUI offense. This usually occurs if you were caught driving on the road and your blood alcohol concentration went higher than 80mg of alcohol throughout 100ml of blood. If it’s the first time that you’ve been charged with a DUI, then you’ll have to:

  • Get the device installed in your vehicle
  • Attend DUI classes
  • Adhere to the probationary driving restrictions 

If it’s your second DUI, you’ll most likely have to have the ignition interlock device in your vehicle for a period of six months after the sentence occurred. If it’s your third time getting a DUI, then you’ll have to have the device installed in your vehicle for life, assuming you ever get your license back.

Characteristics Of The Ignition Interlock Program

If you’ve been charged with a DUI, you’ll be part of the Alcohol Interlock Program. In addition to the program, you’ll have to:

  • Go through addiction services
  • Rehabilitation
  • Counseling 
  • Educational sessions such as the “Driving While Impaired” program
  • Risk assessment
  • Evaluations

Hire A Lawyer

If you’re confused about your charges at any step of the way, it always helps to get a lawyer to guide and assist you through the process. No one wants to be trying to navigate the law surrounding DUI charges alone, and getting a lawyer is the first thing you’ll want to do.