Initial Advice

"Call 416 222 4324 for a free consultation. If you like, bring along a trusted family member or friend to our first meeting. You need me on your side right from the beginning. Here is some initial advice. But remember you are responsible for your own actions and decisions."

With police officers and other authorities, behave well and say little.

  • Be polite and cooperative – even if you are upset or angry

  • Provide minimal information and then ask to speak with your lawyer. (Name, address and ID or driver’s license, registration, and proof of insurance in the case of driving offences)
    • Don’t try to talk your way out of it – even if you feel wrongly accused. What you say could be misinterpreted.
    • Don’t over explain or admit anything – even if questioned by police officers

In the case of driving offences

    • Do submit to a breathalyzer test – it’s a crime to refuse
    • Don’t take coordination tests, agree to be video taped, or discuss your consumption of alcoholic beverages – even if you think it will work in your favour. Police officers are allowed to ask and you are allowed to say no.

For an effective defence, put a criminal lawyer on your team.

  • Find an experienced lawyer that you trust … talk with me so you can decide if I’m your man

  • Share all the details of the situation with your lawyer … and no one else

  • Listen carefully to your lawyer’s advice … knowing that you must make the final decisions about your own defence


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