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An Over 80 charge means you’ve been suspected of drunk driving and your blood/alcohol level is above 80mgs of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood. Alcohol does not have to hinder your driving ability for this charge, unlike an impaired driving charge.

In fact, if an officer remotely suspects you have high blood/alcohol levels they can suggest a breath test or a field test such as making you recite your ABCs backwards or walking a straight line. But most often you will be required to blow into a roadside device.



Consequences of an Over 80

If it’s your first impaired driving offence and you’re found guilty, you will get a criminal record.

Here are further potential consequences of over 80 charge:

  • Criminal Record
  • Loss of job and driver’s licence
  • Jail time, hefty fines, and probation
  • A dramatic increase in insurance premiums
  • Will be difficult to immigrate and apply for citizenship
  • You’ll be ineligible for certain career paths
  • Won’t be able to visit certain countries (such as the U.S.)
  • Might have conviction reported publicly

Do Not Fight Alone

25 Years of Experience Defending Impaired Drivers

One mistake isn’t worth a lifetime of headaches. But your first DUI can really impact your criminal history, take a toll on your finances, and really hinder your employment. The more severe your situation, the more you’ll need an experienced, reliable impaired driving defence lawyer to help you see it through and end up on the other side unscathed.

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One mistake isn’t worth a lifetime of headaches. But your first Over 80 charge can really impact your criminal history, take a toll on your finances, and really hinder your employment.

The Best Over 80 Lawyer Focuses on Reasonable Doubt

Any lawyer worth their salt knows the simplest and the best Over 80 defence against a zealous Crown prosecution is to show that they can’t prove beyond a reasonable doubt any one of the factors involved in a successful Over 80 charge.

The Crown Attorney has the burden of proof. They need to work arduously to demonstrate that a huge checklist of items can’t be disputed. If they can’t prove one of these checkpoints, the Crown can’t be successful with a conviction.

It’s not simple to prosecute an Over 80 charge because it must be proven that your blood alcohol content was over 80 mgs % when you were driving and not when the test was taken. Since alcohol levels in the human body might rise as alcohol travels to the bloodstream from the stomach or decreasing during the metabolic process, it’s nearly impossible to calculate exact blood/alcohol levels at the time of driving, particularly since the breath test is taken hours later.



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Jonathan Lapid - DUI Industry Leader

Jonathan Lapid is a criminal defence lawyer and DUI expert in the GTA with over 25 years of experience. A few years ago, a Brampton police officer called Jonathan to defend him on a DUI charge. Jonathan asked him how he found him and the officer said that after asking his police friends who they lose to in court, it was Jonathan’s name that popped up again and again.


He has represented an NHL player, a Canadian Olympic athlete, police officers, lawyers, doctors, prominent senior executives, pilots and flight attendants, limousine drivers, factory workers and many other hard working Canadians.


If nothing else, this tells you that he’s built a track record others take notice of and there’s a reason why even the highest profile individuals entrust him with their cases.

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