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"As your lawyer, I educate, advise and represent you at every step along the way. The legal process is similar no matter what the charge."

Before the trial...

  • Help you understand the charge, possible penalties and what your options are. And I also prepare you for your first court appearance.
  • Find any weaknesses in the Crown’s case. Research legal points and review all disclosed documents: police officers’ notes, pictures, audio/video tapes, medical and expert reports.
  • Seek a quick, fair resolution to your case. Meet with the Crown Attorney and attend a possible judicial pre-trial to plan the disposition of your case.
  • Provide information to help you decide how to plead - a legal opinion regarding the risk of penalties after a trial versus an early guilty plea.

If you decide to plead guilty...

  • Seek the best sentencing outcome by presenting the best picture of your character and personal circumstances.
If we are going to trial...
  • Develop the defense strategy. Complete research, prepare the “theory of the defence” and review it and other options with you.
  • Prepare you for court appearance and possible testimony. Provide tips regarding dress, decorum and cross-examination.
  • Once the court date arrives, reassess Crown case and possible outcome based on actual trial participants – witnesses, Crown attorney and judge.

  • Depending on circumstances, request trial adjournment (delay) or change plea after discussing with you to receive instructions.

  • Clearly and forcefully defend your case with witness cross-examinations and closing arguments.


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