Successful Case Examples

Jonathan Lapid has a great track record of winning impaired driving and over 80 cases. Here you can read about many of his successes. His experience, his determination and his tactics are impressive. To join the winners, contact Jonathan at 416 222 4324.


Van driving erratically - S. Granados (Toronto)

Charge(s): Impaired driving/Over 80

Facts: A police officer observed a van with tinted windows being driven in an erratic manner and pulled it over. When the officer approached the car, the female client was in the driver's seat of the van with two male passengers. She smelled of alcohol and had a breathalyser reading of 150 mgs%.

Consequences upon conviction: Loss of licence, criminal record, very high insurance premiums.

Result: Jonathan Lapid won the case by establishing reasonable doubt as to the identity of the driver. The client claimed that she was not driving, though she did not mention this to the police officer at the scene. She was a credible witness in Court and withstood a probing cross-examination. Due to the presence of her partner in the car, she was in a vulnerable position and had the right to remain silent.

Red light infraction - S. Rajeswaren (Brampton)

Charge(s): Over 80

Facts: The client was stopped for a red light infraction, gave off the odour of alcohol and admitted minimal drinking. He was submitted to the usual proceedures and provided breath samples of 200 mgs%. The first sample was taken close to the two-hour limit based on the police officer's statement regarding the red light infraction.

Consequences upon conviction: Usual suspension and record.

Result: Jonathan Lapid established that there was doubt about whether the sample was taken with the two-hour time limit based on uncertainty about how the police officer determined the time. The client was acquitted.


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