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How To Go About Getting A Southern Ontario DUI Dismissed

Learning the proper legal strategies on how to get a DUI offense in Ontario dismissed is a good first step after being charged. DUI offenses are treated very severely under the criminal code in Southern Ontario, and the negative impacts will shroud your life for years to come if you don’t take the...
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DUI Probation Violation – What Should You Do?

Impaired driving in Toronto and pretty much everywhere else in Canada is a severe violation that will result in criminal charges if you don’t do everything you can to find the best Toronto DUI defence through an experienced lawyer. There are three main types of sentencing for impaired driving case...
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A Good DUI Defence Requires A Good Lawyer

If you’ve recently hit the newspapers that state, “Toronto driver arrested for DUI”, then getting a lawyer to provide the best DUI defense should be the first thing that’s on your mind. For those who have just got a DUI charge for the first time, it’s natural to be flustered with all of th...
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What To Do If You’re Facing DUI Penalties In Toronto

In Toronto, DUI penalties are very strict, and not something you’ll want to face alone. The two criminal offences that can be faced from a DUI are impaired driving and driving over 80 m.g. This law states that the offence involves anyone who has consumed alcohol or drugs to the point that it impai...
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The Consequences Of A DUI Are Severe – Be Prepared

If you’ve recently received a DUI, then it is highly advisable to find a good lawyer to provide you with the best DUI consequences defense. DUI stands for driving under the influence, and it counts as a criminal record in Toronto. There are certain loopholes throughout the legal system that can he...
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DUI Accident Lawyer For Southern Ontario

If you’ve recently been driving drunk and been in a case involving a DUI car accident or DUI manslaughter, then it’s normal to be feeling panic and nervousness. A DUI offense is treated severely under the criminal code and is dealt with in Southern Ontario’s strictest manner. Impaired driv...
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Details On How To Fight A Dui Charge In Southern Ontario

DUI charges in Ontario can raise a severe amount of panic and nervousness in individuals who have recently been driving in an impaired state. A DUI charge in Southern Ontario comes with several severe consequences: A partial or full reduction of income Restriction in travel Having to pay hefty fines...
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DUI Lawyer Cost – How Much Is It And Is It Worth It?

Getting a DUI can come with some pretty severe consequences. And because of that, it’s highly advised to seek out a reputable DUI lawyer. If you’ve been newly charged with a DUI offense, one of the main things that are probably on your mind at the moment is the cost of hiring a DUI lawye...
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Fighting a DUI Charge In Toronto – DUI Charges

DUI charges are some of the worst things that can happen to drivers in Toronto. DUI charges are serious. They have an effect on how you live. Your future employers will see them, your insurance rates will skyrocket because of them, and you may even spend time in jail. If you have been charged with [...
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Fight Your Second DUI Charges – Canada DUI Penalties

A DUI is a very serious offense, and getting second DUI charges is even more serious. So serious that you’re at risk of losing your way of life. You may lose your job, tens of thousands of dollars, your ability to drive, and so much more. Frankly, the majority of people who are charged with [&hell...
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