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What is an Ignition Interlock Device? What Are They For?

Here’s all you’ll ever want to learn regarding ignition interlock devices. Getting a DUI is a very serious thing. Not only does it mean you broke some pretty hefty laws, but it means you’re going to be subject to a lot of harsh fines and punishments. One of which is the ignition interlock....
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Getting an Underage DUI Offence – Underage Drinking

Have you been charged with an underage DUI offence? DUI law with regard to teenagers is very strict. Teenagers have very little driving experience, and when you mix that lack of experience with alcohol, things go very wrong. Underage drinking is very common in Canada, and it gets a lot of people kil...
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What Can Disqualify You On A Background Check – DUI Canada

DUI laws in Canada can be quite confusing, and one way they confuse people is with their influence over employment and background checks. Can you still get hired with a DUI? Will employers turn me down because of it? A lot of people simply ask the question, what can disqualify you on a background ch...
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How Do Drinking and Driving Affect Your Life

Drinking and driving is a very serious offense. A lot of the time people think that if they get caught drinking and driving, they’ll simply be given a ticket. They’ll then pay that ticket and move on with their lives. That’s not the case whatsoever. A DUI is not like a speeding ticket. It’s ...
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Can You Refuse A Breathalyzer Test In Canada?

Every day in Canada, four people are killed by a drunk driver. Considering drunk driving is a criminal offense, this means drunk driving is the number one source of criminal related deaths. Because the death toll is so high, the Canadian government has decided to take breathalyzer tests mandatory. I...
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Drinking On A Boat In Ontario – Is It Illegal, or Legal?

Drinking and driving behind the wheel of a car can have serious consequences. But what about DUI in Ontario? A lot of people are curious as to which drinking and driving guidelines apply to boats. Sure, it makes sense that you can’t drink and operate a speed boat or any motorized boat really, but ...
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Roadside Drug Testing Equipment In Ontario

The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) has not made a final decision about the use of roadside drug testing equipment in order to identify drivers who are under the influence of drugs. A federally approved instrument known as the Dräger DrugTest 5000 is able to successfully test if there is cocaine pr...
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BAC Alcohol Monitoring Tests in Canada

Blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is a standard measurement used to describe how drunk a person may be. Different percentages of alcohol in the blood lead to different levels of mental and physical changes and risks. In the United States, a BAC of 0.08% is the legal limit, meaning one can no longer ...
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The Effect of DUIs on Auto Insurance

Over the last few months and years, the number of intoxicated drivers has grown in great amounts, so, last December, the York regional police decided they would take new measures to keep impaired driving to a minimum. To help with all the intoxicated drivers they were found on the road, the police b...
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DUIs: Is it or isn’t it a Crime?

Many Canadians — and people all over the world, frankly — tend to treat impaired driving or “over 80” charges much more lightly than they ought. Especially those who have been convicted of such things, like a DUI, DWI, or drinking and driving, seem to think their crime is not crimina...
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