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What Is The DUI Arrest Procedure In Canada?

When it comes to driving under the influence (DUI) offenses, the laws in many Canadian provinces are extremely strict. What’s the arrest procedure in Canada for a DUI? If you’ve been out drinking and then started operating a vehicle while your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) was over 8...
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DUI Conviction – What Is It And What Can You Do?

Many people have been in a situation where they are leaving someone’s house after having a few drinks when they know they shouldn’t be. As they’re driving, they begin to see a car creeping up behind, only to later light up the blue and red cherry on top of the vehicle to alert you ...
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What’s Involved In Getting DUI Charges Dropped In Canada?

Driving under the influence is known to be a very serious crime in Canada. If you’ve recently been pulled over on suspicion of drinking and driving and didn’t pass any of the testing conducted by the police officer at the scene, then you’re probably wondering how to get DUI charges...
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80 Criminal Code – What Does This Refer To?

If you’re not well-versed in anything related to Canadian criminal law, then there’s probably no chance that you’ve ever heard of something like 80 criminal code or over 80 criminal code before. Over 80 criminal code refers to operating a vehicle while having 80mg of alcohol contai...
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How Do You Get DUI Charges Dropped In Canada?

If you’re trying to get your DUI charges dropped in Canada and have no clue where to start, it’s best to just start looking for a lawyer that has a track record of helping people in that particular field of law. Driving charges in Toronto are known to be very strict, much like how they [...
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What Is The Legal DUI Limit In Ontario, Canada?

Being caught intoxicated at the wheel comes with very strict consequences covered under the provincial and federal laws. You might be curious about what the legal DUI limit in Ontario is if a cop recently pulled you over and you’re worried about what’s next. If your blood alcohol content...
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Out Of Province DUI In Ontario – What’s Involved?

If you’ve made the decision to get into your car and start driving after a couple of drinks, you’re probably wondering what’s involved regarding getting a DUI in Ontario. Facing a DUI in Ontario is something that you won’t want to go through alone. It might even be more compl...
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What Is The DUI BAC In Barrie And Why Should You Know?

For those that have been charged with impaired driving, learning that the DUI BAC (blood alcohol content) in Barrie, Ontario will help prevent the chances of you getting another DUI in the future. As you are probably already aware, DUI penalties are very strict throughout all of Canada, and it is so...
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How To Get Out Of A DUI In Toronto Effectively

Driving under the influence is a severe crime in the criminal code. As such, anyone who is convicted of this crime will be subject to extreme penalties. Knowing how to get out of a DUI is one of the first things that you need to be educated on if you’re in this scenario, and the […]...
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What To Do In Case Of A Barrie Probation Violation

One of the last things you want is a Barrie probation violation. Impaired driving has severe consequences no matter where you are, and consulting with a DUI lawyer is the first step you need to take in ensuring you won’t be dealt the severest punishment possible. If you’re currently faci...
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