What Is The DUI BAC In Barrie And Why Should You Know?

For those that have been charged with impaired driving, learning that the DUI BAC (blood alcohol content) in Barrie, Ontario will help prevent the chances of you getting another DUI in the future. As you are probably already aware, DUI penalties are very strict throughout all of Canada, and it is something that you want to avoid at all costs. The DUI BAC in Barrie is 0.08MG. If you’ve been caught driving with a BAC over that level, then you should contact a skilled DUI lawyer as soon as you can.

Finding a skilled lawyer is the first thing you need to do so that you can try to either get the case dismissed or the charges at least lessened to a certain degree. A lawyer will be able to evaluate your DUI situation and provide the best advice on how to approach the situation.

What Is The Criminal Code Regarding DUI BAC in Barrie, Ontario?

The criminal code mentions that it is illegal to operate any type of motor vehicle while under the influence. This means every vehicle from a plane, boat, car, or train. It also doesn’t matter if the vehicle is moving.

253(1)(b) of the criminal code states the limitations on driving under the influence and blood alcohol content. If your blood alcohol content is over 80MG per 100ML of blood, then it is considered a crime.

There Are A Variety Of DUI Charges:

  • Operating a vehicle while impaired.
  • Having a BAC of over 80MG.
  • Not giving a breath sample.
  • Numerous DUI charges.
  • Care and control.

Some Of The Penalties Associated With A DUI:

  • You’ll receive a criminal record that can impact your income and career.
  • You could potentially serve time in jail.
  • Your driver’s license will be suspended for a certain amount of time.
  • You’ll have to pay fines.
  • Your ability to travel to certain places will be restricted.

If the officer that pulled you over has reason to believe that you’re driving impaired, they will charge you. There needs to be sufficient evidence to prove you were operating the vehicle, and the 80MG charge is a common case where people try to fight as much as they can.

A lawyer will be able to help you weave around all of the complicated facets of a DUI charge. One particular law states that the blood sample shouldn’t be taken anywhere after two hours of when you were pulled over. The blood samples also need to be taken every 15 minutes.

Instruments Being Used For DUI Measurements Need To Be Legally Approved

One important part of DUI cases is what type of approved instruments are used to gather the breath samples. The instruments need to be calibrated in order to display a caution if the blood alcohol content is anywhere between 0.05 and 0.1%. For anything that is higher than 0.1%, it should show a fail indicator. The instrument needs to be used by a trained technician so that the results that it provides can be quantified in court.

In addition, if whoever is accused of the DUI simply didn’t go through the battery of tests involved, the court needs to be able to prove that the test was demanded at the time of the incident.

What Are The Fines For A DUI?

If you’re convicted of a DUI, there are numerous penalties associated with it. You could potentially be facing time in jail, a suspension of your driver’s license, and numerous fines. Each province will have different laws and penalties from each other. In Barrie, Ontario, the minimum penalties for driving under the influence are:

  • One year of driving probation plus a $1,000 fine for the first offence.
  • Two years of driving probation and a month in jail for the second offence.
  • Three years of driving probation and four months in jail for the third, and any offence aftward.

Because of these strict penalties, you need to reach out to a lawyer so that your case can be contested in any way it can. Until you’re proven guilty, you’re considered innocent, so it is a lawyer’s job to do just that. If the police officer at the scene didn’t give you a search warrant, then an argument can be made around that as well. Many other arguments can potentially be made around your case so that you are protected from these penalties.

Now that you know the DUI legal limit BAC level in Barrie, you should keep that in mind the next time you consider getting behind the wheel after a couple of drinks.